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You can live a long time deceived, thinking that you are doing the right thing, until you discover that "right" is always circumstantial and relative to the information you possess.
P. Tovar
"From Utopia to Reality"

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The Butterfly Effect project pursues to implement a different lifestyle that focuses on the development of a higher level of social consciousness, self-awareness and respect for nature. This is a new economic system, based on private enterprise and free market, and use a combination of private and government funding sources.

The Butterfly Effect Town is a rural community, legally incorporated as a cooperative. The votes of the workers have equal value in the decisions of the company, regardless of their shares or financial contribution. Here is a link where you can view the details of the definition of cooperative, according to the Small Business Administration : / content / cooperative.

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Our experimental community of South Florida will be a pioneer in establishing the foundation for a new economic model. According to the cost of living in the area, we will create jobs for a household income of at least $ 50,000 annually. The income will be maximized by controlling the entire process from farming to point of sale. The maximum income level for households with the highest income is estimated at $275,000, however, the final and exact amount will be determined by the net income of the community. The more efficient the production of the community, the higher the maximum individual revenue. Regardless of income level, all citizens have access to the same education, including extracurricular activities, and the same health resources, with exactly the same quality. This allows equal opportunities for all, and sets the differences in efficiency and/or effort.

The homes will have solar power, and are designed to achieve maximum efficiency in all aspects of daily life. Entertainment is a very important part of the project, as it is usually the main reason that prevents people from living in rural areas. The special design of the community has a focus on high-technology and organic and healthy food. It has no motor traffic, lush gardens and water channels fresh markets and restaurants with healthy food. This will awaken curiosity and open a tourist market which in turn will generate a hospitality business, targeted to an alternative public: concerts of "New age" music, organic food, tech gadgets, biofeedback technology sessions, metaphysical conferences and many other unique attractions.

Agriculture is based on crops that provide high nutritional value, causing low soil exhaustion and yield high production. There are a few crops we have already selected, that allow us to turn them into final product, pack them, distribute them and selling them at relatively low cost and high profits.

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